Regulatory inspection of complex High Reliability Organizations (HROs); a study of the effectiveness of the regulatory inspection approach in the Offshore Drilling Industry

Research project.

Research conducted within the context of High Reliability Organizing suggests that the current regulatory inspection approach does not necessarily support the prevention of incidents in complex organizations. This project studies the factors which positively and negatively influence the contribution of regulatory inspection to the prevention of incidents in the offshore drilling industry, as a basis for a discussion on the suitability of the current regulatory inspection approach and how to change it. (Erasmus University, Business Administration PhD, 2012 - ongoing)

A New Gown or a Crazy Quilt

From an organization development perspective, this paper describes the way in which in a large, globally operating organization pursued its aspiration to become capable of recognizing, combining and deploying its globally dispersed diverse capabilities. (Open University, Organizational Psychology, 2012)

Collaboration through Acquisition: Conditioning for Success

Dissertation resulting from research on the aspects influencing decision-making in company acquisition opportunities, preparing for a smooth change process during the integration phase. (International Masters School, SCM/OM, 2006 )

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