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Gower, UK

november 2009

Contribution to The Future of Innovation, a project initiated by Dr Bettina von Stamm, London Business School, and Dr Anna Trifilova: "leading thinkers from business, government, consulting and academia from around the globe share their thoughts, experiences, dreams, visions, hopes, concerns, and passions around The Future of Innovation.
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5th International Symposium on Resilience Engineering

Inspecting in a World Full of Blind Corners

juni 2013

Paper in preparation of a study of the effectiveness of the (regulatory) inspection approach in the Offshore Drilling Industry.
The growing complexity of offshore drilling operations increases the uncertainty about failure options and decreases the predictability of failure. A common response to a large-scale incident is the tightening of regulations and governance while research conducted by Weick, Sutcliffe, Dekker and others, suggests that the current (regulatory) inspection approach in general does not necessarily support the prevention of incidents in complex organizations. This research project aims to study the effectiveness of the current (regulatory) inspection approach to this effect in the Offshore Drilling Industry in today's context.

Related to a research project studying the contribution of regulatory inspection to the prevention of incidents in the offshore drilling industry, as a basis for a discussion on the suitability of the current regulatory inspection approach. Research conducted within the context of High Reliability Organizing suggests that the current regulatory inspection approach does not necessarily support the prevention of incidents in complex organizations.

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Operational Resilience in High-Compliance industries


On behalf of TNO, working with research and industrial partners across Europe in EU SAF€RA project "Training for Operational Resilience Capabilities" (TORC). Identifying and training for resilience capability in high reliability operations dealing with variation and unexpected events.
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Adaptability in High-Compliance and politically sensitive industries


As an industry expert, advising on Organizational Adaptivity in high-compliance and politically sensitive operations.

Green Award Foundation


Design and facilitate Green Award’s Team Days as a participative event, seeking to share, mature and further explore Green Award’s strategic aspirations for the future.

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